Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pics from the weekend..

Over the pass..
Through the pass..
Light at the end..
Grand Junction!

Grand Junction.
Grand Junction
Ben and Daddy..
Camp and DIRT!!!
Dinner on the ground.

Hello cowwwwwwboy..
The Colorado River.
A tame part of Zippety.
Bikers on a ridge.
Wide shot of the trails..
On the way home- I think this is Copper Mountain.


Matt said...

Looks incredible. A trail running paradise (trail madness + elevation).
I like the life-style.
I'm glad to hear you're more fired up to run and train.

My training is coming along.
Thanks again for all the insight.

kerrie said...

awesome pics! ben looks like such a happy little boy and like so much fun to hang out with. maybe he can share his secret with little miss grumpypants.