Sunday, April 20, 2008


What an amazing weekend! We (Jo and Ben and I) did our first camp of the year in Fruita. A desert town on the border of Utah this place is AMAZING when it comes to trails. We camped out in the sand for 3 days and biked/ ran each day until we were wiped out. I had intended on running a 25 mile trail race but decided that it would not be conducive to my goal of getting fast. So each day I went out and ran a fartlek... Friday was hard (5k effort) up the hills and jogging down for 8 miles. Saturday was a BRUTAL 18 mile run through some of the most rugged terrain I've ever been on that included a 30 foot climb down a cliff that had ropes already in place.. it was over 80 degrees and I started strong running the downhills at a fast effort and the uphills easy but finished kind of weak. I got very dehydrated- a poor choice on my part. Today (Sunday) was an amazing run on a trail called Zippity Do Da that was SICK! Huge climbs (~40 degree) with huge drops and rollers. Epic run.. I got in to a group of mountain bikers and ended up running tempo for a good portion of the 11 miles. I was able to drop the guys on the hills and then they would creep back on the flats and of course catch on the downs- all the while they got a kick out of seeing someone on foot not getting dropped by their two wheeled machines and cheered me on- we stopped at a trail head and they offered me water and were genuinely nice guys. They made me wish I was part of a sport that embraced a fellow athlete regardless of how they happened to be moving through the world.
I ended the week with 80 miles feeling amazing and rejuvenated. Maybe it was the desert? The views were inspiring and thought provoking and the running was spiritual.


GZ said...

Sounds (and looks) like a great trip.

"... I was part of sport that embraced a fellow athlete regardless of how they happened to be moving through the world..."

While it is not why I started blogging, I find that there is much more of a community aspect and the spirit you mention above in this internet space.

I find that most of us, while we are eager to compete against each other, we really realize this is a competition against ourselves ... and we support each other in that way. It is the part of sport I enjoy the most ... the endeavor to discover our humanity. There is nothing I like to cheer for more.

jameson said...

That sounds like a killer weekend. I want to get out to Fruita for some riding...

Lucho said...

Jameson- come on out!! I'll pick you up at DIA and we'll road trip out there for a weekend.