Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Periodization for my year...

Below is an attempt at putting my own periodization model down in to a graphic. I guess it gets my point across.

I am currently in the "fundamental" period of my training as I have already plateaued with my AeT fitness and now need to build strength and "speed" (speed is very relative and is defined- in my opinion- more by how fast I can run a 200.. a mile, even the world record, isn't "speed"). I plan on staying in this period until June 1st. Then I will take one week of intensive rest then begin the periodization model again starting by building my MAF (HR 140-150 intensity) for a few weeks just to jump start the fat burning metabolism.. then I'll work at AeT (HR 153-166) until I plateau again. My ultimate goal for this year is to race the California International Marathon on December 7th and to simply run it as well as my training will allow. No massages before, no crappy course, no excuses.
One goal for me this summer will be more consistency with mileage and more consistency with rest days. I recently read an article by Brad Hudson in regards to weekly structure and I think I am going to try it out. Mr. Hudson's structure follows a rotation of hard/ moderate/ easy days. Due to my own schedule I will be doing something like this:
Monday- Easy. HR <130.
Tuesday- Hard. Tempo HR 160-170 progressing to 1 hour. Single run- 12 miles.
Wednesday- Moderate. AeT intensity. Double runs- ~20 miles.
Thursday- Easy. HR <150.
Friday- Easy. HR <140.>
Saturday- Hard. Track 200m- 1000m at ~5k effort. Double runs-~18 miles.
Sunday- Moderate. Long run. 18-20 miles.
Total- 100 miles.
Once I shift back to the "introduction" period the hard days will include hill Vo2 intervals of 10"-15" and/ or AeT work.
I am also going to eliminate the gym work and will save that energy for running. Although I do feel that I currently weigh 143 pounds because of the added weight training. I break my muscles down with the weight work and then because my caloric intake is deficient (and the high aerobic mileage) I do not rebuild the muscle causing a loss in weight. I know this isn't healthy.


GZ said...

I have seen Hudson's suggestion for the short hill sprints. There are some aspects of it that are good, but I have wondered if an appropriate stimulus can be acheived in only 10 seconds. I have wondered if intervals on hills closer to 150-200m (so 25-45 sec) are better as then you will begin to accumulate some degree of lactate (I think).

Lucho said...

Hudson's a smart coach with a proven methodology. The whole point of the intervals is to NOT accumulate lactate. They need to be alactic or above Vo2.. near max effort. The point of them is muscular strength similar to squats in the weight room but very specific in neurological movement.
Going longer would simply be a different kind of training. There is benefit to doing longer uphill intervals though..

Matt said...

great stuff - I can't wait to read the article.

Question: my feet are freakin' sore, more the heal than the bottom (metatarsal,etc.). My thought is it's either my shoes, or simply the mileage or both. Having gone 50 and 58 the last two weeks (more than I've ever done), I'm going to hit the elliptical and spin a little more this week. I've been hitting the trails and roads so maybe that's part of the pounding.

I could probably use a little recovery, ya think? But I'm wondering about the shoes. . ..

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