Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday 0 miles. Week total 70 miles.

I spent the entire day working on athlete schedules and never got out for a jog.. probably good for me.


Matt said...

Thanks for the "glossary."

Will the non-bloodwork test I'm doing this week identify the best HR for me to burn fat? Is it MAF or Aet? Is it more a matter of identifying a zone (135-145) in which the body learns to burn fat best? Or is it more specific?

You mention that MAF is pretty conservative. My body seems to really respond to that HR in a positive fat burning way. And my body doesn't seem to accuumulate much in the way of anti-oxidants.

But I think (I hope) this test gives me some real points of reference that I can use to become a fat burning machine with a base on which I can become efficient and fast!


Lucho said...

The test you're getting is going to give you very specific data in regards to your metabolism at different efforts. Your AeT is going to be well defined .. after the test you may benefit from alternating days at MAF and at AeT. The MAF work, as you said, is gentle enough that you rarely accumulate waste or damage. The AeT may be much harder and faster than your MAF (it may not)and may make you too tired to perform well.
I would like to see your results if you don't mind sharing.. I may be able to help you understand the numbers from a runners perspective also.