Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday 8 miles + MAF test

GZ, Kerrie, and Liz showed up today to run a MAF test on the track. I think they all learned something.. Liz improved nearly 35" per mile from her last test. GZ lost his i-pod and I found it after he left.. not sure what he learned there? But I think I finally harped on him enough to convince him to try to MAF method for a few weeks. And Kerrie is a bad ass. Low 7:00 pace with her HR at MAF.. which she said is higher than what she usually runs at! I suggested she pick up the pace a bit. She's got an engine with wheels.
I bagged my own test at 3 miles as my legs felt heavy.. my mile splits were 6:07, 6:17, 6:23 with my HR averaged at 146.


Chuckie V said...

Nice job Kerrie! It shows she has the engine because she's been building it all along, if even by accident!

A smart move bagging it Tim. When the splits are off (as they were here) it's best to save it for another day...then again, as I try to preach, don't much too much stock in one bad test. My bike tests are hit and miss, even though I know my fitness doesn't fluctuate as much. Luckily, the upward trend is still there, and that's the only thing worth worrying about.

kerrie said...

thanks for the help with the test and the wealth of info you have to share! good info for sure - just trying to figure out where to proceed from here and whether or not i can run a little harder on those mindless-i'm-just-kind-of-daydreaming-as-i-plod-along-type-days! for me, the biggest surprise is that maf doesn't necessarily mean "slow"....