Saturday, March 8, 2008


am) So here's something that has never happened to me in the past. On Monday I ran an unknown number of miles, same on Wednesday.. so I am sitting here this morning looking at my training logs and trying to decide how much to run this morning. I can't help but allow my mind to wander to that mythical number of "100", but as I look at my week- with the big gaps on Monday and Wednesday I am seeing less and less the actual mileage of the week- because it is obviously pointless with out the numbers from those two days- and realizing that my legs are telling me how much to run this morning. They are a bit stiff, no pain or soreness (I have an odd soreness disorder that prevents me from getting sore.. I have been sore maybe 2 days in the last year- both times were the day after my marathons) but it seems pointless to head out and run to get mileage because at the end of this week I will not know how much I ran anyway! I thought that the point of that exercise was to free my mind on those days.. which it did, but I think the real value of not knowing the miles covered on those two days comes later when you are trying to finish off a week. Often times I will allow the training log total to dictate how much I run on Saturday and Sunday.. gotta get the triple digits otherwise I will not get better! ha. But right now there is no way I can be sure I got 100 miles so I feel like there is a weight lifted off my shoulders- I am listening to my body because there are no relevant numbers telling me what to do... I may do this more often.


Matt said...

Lucho, have you thought about racing a few half's, 10k'ers? It would be perfect prep for you (from my amateur understanding). Your body seems to be able to handle anything.

scott said...

Hi Lucho
looking back at most of the good amatuer Marathon runners from the UK in the Early 80s they also raced most weekends; road relay stages in autumn, cross country in winter and shorter road races in the spring...after a late spring marathon it was lots of races at shorter distances on the track...most races were trained thro without a taper.Crass example is Ian Tompson a club runner who ran about 2:20 in his first marathon.He got piked to run for the UK in the 1972 Commonealth Games and ran the race he broke his pbs for 10k 10miles and half marathon on route!!.(He had never run faster than 30min for 10k)
Steve Jones also used to race sometimes twice a week in his RAF Races mid week and for his club at the weekends.