Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Group MAF Test:
This coming Friday a few people are meeting at Centaur High School at 9:00 am to run a MAF test on the track. We'll do 20:00 of warm-up then each of us will run ~30:00-40:00 (to the nearest mile) at our respective MAF HR's. Afterwards we can discuss the numbers and I can hopefully answer an questions people have about why we should all be doing this. Anyone and everyone is welcome!


Matt said...

the runs are going pretty well 131-141. These are especially fine on the treadmill where I can control everything. Today I ran for 1:13 and averaged 138 outside on the road. Not the flatest, so I slowed or walked when the HR got too high. A couple of times it snuck up to high 140s, but I shut down. Is this a successful aerobic run, or do I need to absolutely avoid >141? It's tough!

Lucho said...

For now just do your best to avoid going above. It gets better as you go along.. nice work!

GZ said...

Kerri, Tim - see you Friday AM.

kerrie said...

i just ate dinner, ugh, but i got the monitor working....see you guys in the a.m..