Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday 6 miles- 56:00.

Any pace faster than 9:00 today caused my back to spasm and send shooting pains down my leg. I talked to Binesh and he thinks the massage relaxed the muscles and caused my back/ vertebrae to slip out of place. Or my pelvis is out of place. I tried to stand up straight a little bit ago and I doubled over from pain in my back. At least my legs seem to feel loose. ha.


Matt said...

Fascinating developments with your taper (though you might find another way to describe them). I can't wait to see how you come-out of this funk and school the 26.1. Seemed like just a week ago you were flying. Crazy stuff. San Diego's sending positive vibrations!

Wassdoc said...

I think the marathon gods are actually smiling down upon you. Having had many deep massages (and living with a herniated disc), my guess is that it will take you a few days to "recover" from the massage. In the meantime, you will continue to rest those legs.

The other interesting thing is that if you have had all these muscle issues and haven't realized it, you might actually be capable of running even faster than you have been:)!

Chuckie V said...

I worried about this. Essentially Binesh went too deep (a good thing in the sense that he released quite a bit of "tension", but a bad thing as evident by your body's response). Since it was your first rub (I'm assuming you told him and told him about your upcoming race) he should have known better and gone a little easier on you.

But don't worry Lucho; this, believe it or not, is a typical response to first-time deep tissue work. It shows that you are hardly 100% and running on ALL cylinders when you may think otherwise.

Basically, you were operating at 100% fit of 90% capability, whereas now you're running 50% fit of 92% capability. This may sound bad, but it'll quickly come around to where you're back at 100% fit, but now of 92% capability!

For massage to really work, you need to go regularly, unfortunately (time & $$$). And when you get to the point when a dude like Binesh can dig in with all his might and you yawn out of boredom rather than squirm in agony, then you KNOW you're truly 100% structurally ready. Then all you've got to do is the fun stuff: run long and run fast and stay 100% fit.

For now, pound the liquids, hop in the Louisville Pool (warm) and move around lightly with Ben. Give it a couple of days and lay flat on your back on a hard surface whenever you can. Let the spasms run their course, just as you will in a matter of days.

Brett said...

Hang in there!