Friday, February 8, 2008


am) 8 miles 50:00. My back is no better but my willingness to ignore it is. If I over extend my stride there is a moment where my forward leg absorbs my body weight and my entire leg loses all strength- nearly giving out. As my body moves forward and the weight is distributed in a more balanced way over my leg the strength comes right back.. so for a split second it's like I'm going to fall on my face. Kind of a tricky thing! I was able to run a 20:00 tempo at HR 165-170. The first mile was 5:30 then I decided not to look at pace and to simply run. The trail is very snowy and the wind is kicking today.. pace is never accurate with those conditions.
Also, when I engage my lower abdominals, if I blow my nose or sneeze, then my entire lower back in to my pelvis feels like I got hit with a cattle prod.. it's quite intense! With 9 days to go and seeing that I can function.. I'm not losing too much confidence.


kerrie said...

yeah, I usually have the same issues after a deep massage - I feel like I've been run over by a truck(or two)! If I get it done earlier in the day, I'm exhausted that evening and next day as though I have done a hard workout. I also think deep massage flushes your lymphatic system and helps to bring a lot of "crap" to the surface so I am sure that in a couple of days you will be feeling great after everything works its way out!

Lucho said...

Kerrie- Why are you thinking about other people's problems!? You're getting slammed with your own but it's good to see that you are on the back side of them now... hopefully? Thanks for the good word and all the best to yours!
You help me to put my back pain in to perspective.. I would take any pain in the world as long as I never have to see my son hurting. It must be painful to see your daughter so sick!!!

ckotte said...

Lucho -

I have been following your blog for a while. Great to see how real athletes train.

Sorry to hear about the back pains....As most folks have said things will work out... A few days before my last Ironman event I decided to go for a massage...only to find myself in a similar situation 2 days before race day. It was my first massage as well. At the expo, I decided to pay for a 15min massage just to see if something would give...and sure enough...this lady stretched out my leg/hip area and the next day I was walking without pain...Hang in will heal!

Oh, best of luck in your race.