Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday 8 miles.

The comments from yesterday's post have a few very good words on tapering..

Legs feel like complete crap.. 8 miles this morning was slow and sluggish with sore calves. Tomorrow I have my first massage ever.. as per Chuck's suggestion. It is with the husband of an elite female marathoner which puts me at ease.

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beth said...

just thought I'd drop a word or two.... Sitting in the Austin airport on a layover made me think of how soon you'll be here...taper on, beth

btw my bf james and I are doing a couples run/race next wknd (4mi each) and are going to pull some Hr data and extrapolate some LT #s lucho/chuckiev style and see what we get....I had a recent lab test so will be cool to compare.... Thanks for all the info