Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday 8 miles so far.

am) 8 miles. Slow and relaxed with my average HR at 130.I capped my HR (as per Chuck's suggestion) at 140 and walked a few times to get it back down. I felt good and sub-7 pace felt easy, I would get distracted and my pace would drop and I would have to rein it in. Chuck is suggesting a longer period of recovery than I had planned on . My fear is adrenal gland stress from too much sleep deprivation and stress. Muscle tissue heals quickly but a burnt adrenal gland will often times never come back to full health. So I am going to play it safe on the intensity and follow Chuck's advice "My suggestion is stay lower for 2-3 weeks now and cross train (125-130HR cap) and then ramp it up week by week in small two-beat increments. A lot of positive adaptations and some true all-system recovery will commence because of it."
This week will be a focus simply on running as long as I feel like.. which could be over 100. I will keep my HR down though. I would also like to throw in more cycling too, not just because I am going to be riding ~300 miles at Chuck's camp in a couple of weeks, but I like it. Last year I traded a guy several pairs of Rudy Project sunglasses for a very nice full suspension MTB that he hadn't used in a couple of years. It's a$2800 Specialized with a few miles on it. I am also watching an old Lemond (Reynolds 853 steel) road frame on ebay right now.. it's at $6.50. Yes- that's six dollars..

I realize that I am back stepping on yesterday's post in regards to my being quite suggestible and here I am today following a suggestion. I think the need to recover thoroughly is a weakness of mine after races so a little help here is good.


kerrie said...

i agree with CV, make sure you rest cause i think the whole sleep deprivation/shot adrenals catches up when you when you are least expecting it! i also think that rest is what helps you get to that whole other level of racing even when you are frustrated with your race experience. "punishment" training for race disapointment does not make you faster :). have fun on the moutain bike - i was up at heil ranch yesterday and it was pretty dry and it is always protected no matter how crazy windy it is out!

Curly said...

Hey Lucho..

We still have never met (I don't think) but I agree with Chuckie and Kerrie, take some time off and rest a bit. I enjoy reading you BLOG and I still think you are a running machine even if you are not feeling all that great about your racing.

Matt said...

The low HR in your case is productive because A) you're recovering and B) you're still maintaining a fairly brisk pace, right? That's what got me all started on my HR query - reading about your Austin training you were running so well at such a low HR. But when I mentioned to you the other day that I ran at 130, you said that's too low/slow, not conducive to race training. Right?

Thanks, Tim.