Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week recap- 98 mi.

I had good week with the 10k on Monday and a solid 27 mile "specific block" day on Thursday.. finished with a solid marathon on a hilly course today. I've had 24 total miles in workouts this week at faster than 5:32 pace. 98 miles total with 3 days of real rest.
I am meeting next Sunday with a potential coach out of Fort Collins. Next weeks focus will be 100% on resting between hard runs rather than trying to run volume. An interval session on Wednesday with a focus on sub 5:00 pace runs and a 1/2 marathon race on Sunday which will be a huge test for me. I need to run a certain time in order to prove (to myself) that I can run 2:25 at Denver.. I know that sounds stupid but I can draw a huge amount of confidence from running well on Sunday. I proved it at the 10k already but now the move up in distance will be more specific to the demands of the marathon and allow a little more accuracy in predicting my race time. Of course on race day for the marathon it will come down to how strong my mind is..

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Chuckie V said...

Keep in mind that no matter how you do this coming Sunday that a half-marathon and a marathon are two entirely different entities. You're training for the marathon and all else is simply to get you there. That said, you'll do well, I'm sure.