Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday 26mi.- 2:45

Good run this morning. Jeff and I started from the Reservoir after a slight mix up that resulted in a better run for me, thanks Jeff. Chuckie rode his bike to support us, a first time for me to have someone on a long run and it was awesome! It made a huge difference over-all. I would consider paying for that service... hmmm... is that a possible business idea Chuck? Maybe we can sit down and work out a business proposal and figure our percent yield over a 4-5 year fixed window of huodnkhtk ddlfhow wejh f -fj a erg ... Blah blah blah.. have you seen my portfolio? Or my oiled abs? HA!
My run had a loose structure and I had the vague plan to simply run as much of it as I could at race pace (5:30 per mile). I had 1 mile near the beginning and another mile in the middle at 5:30 pace. Then I made an effort at mile 18 to push to the finish and held ~5:25 pace from mile 18 to mile 25.. I surprised even myself with the ease of the pace at that point. Once I got the rhythm going it was quite easy to hold. Near the end Chuck rolled up on me and said my cadence was hitting in the 96 steps per minute range. He also said my bum looked firm. None of this "half way" stuff Chuck ;)

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