Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday 27 mi.- 2:47

am) 14 miles-1:28. Warmed up 6 miles, felt "bonky" half way through. I went to bed last night with a 1000 calorie deficit for the day so I knew I would be running depleted this morning. I also feel that I need to switch courses for this run. My current course is all on sand trail with quite a few rollers. From 2.5 miles to 4 miles is a ~1% graded uphill.. today it put me over my limit. I am finding that marathon pace is a very fine balance point, just a few heart beats below LT, push a tiny bit too much (like I did at mile 4 today) and you may implode. I ran 5 miles before my HR spiked and I had to start slowing. My mile splits show the terrain- 5:18/ 5:32/ 5:29/ 5:44/ 5:32. Every time I do this run I learn something.
I have just eaten my lunch (2 cups of plain brown Basmati rice) and will give the same run another go later this afternoon. The second session for this day is where I would pay someone to come out and help me.

pm) 13 miles-1:19. I felt good immediately for this run and felt considerably better than this morning. I wore my GPS and ran up to Lake Eerie (4 miles away) and tried the tempo run on the trail around the lake.. it is pancake flat but only ~1400 meters around. The problem this afternoon was wind this time! For half of each lap I had a 15 mph head wind. When I trained for Ironman Hawaii each year I welcomed it, actually went out of my way often times to train in hard wind and hills and heat. I managed just 4 miles this evening at 5:32 pace. My last mile (the 27th) coming home was in 5:28 though, so I guess I got 5 miles total.. Good day.

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