Wednesday, September 5, 2007

wednesday 20 mi.

20 miles today in 2:10 with an average HR of 148. Felt easy to the end. The basic volume of running doesn't seem to be that difficult. I averaged 6:30 pace and didn't avoid any hills and I felt quite good. I still haven't felt anything from the 10k in terms of fatigue or soreness.
Tomorrow is a hard workout, the Specific Block. It is planned as 8 miles at 5:30 pace in the morning and then 6 miles at the same pace in the evening but I will be taking the liberty of opting for a 10 mile steady tempo in the morning and not running tempo again in the evening. I will decide at mile 8.. I'm excited for the workout! I won't be able to sleep tonight.
If you get a chance, check out Chuck's blog for some entertaining words of wisdom and stories of adventure. Good read.

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