Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tuesday overspeed

  My legs are lit up today so I took the speed option on my schedule. Yesterday was a 3 mile easy run, which is something new to my schedule and something I have been against for my own training. I'm making this up as I go though and I constantly doubt my planning ability for my own training. Not uncommon. It's why I have a job.
 Anyway, this morning was a lift with my son and he's embraced my #2 rule for the weight room, which is never skip leg day, so he wanted to focus on legs. We did a bunch of hops and jumps, med ball movements, isometric squats, and light Smith rack squats. I use the Smith rack with him so it's more controlled and I can cue him on posture and position, same reason for the isometrics. Right now I'm not concerned with lack of need for stabilization, more just technique and form. The jumps and med ball are for stability.
 My #1 rule by the way is to never touch your face. Gyms are petri dishes.

 Then my workout-
4 X 30 meter downhill, fly. No times. On 4:00 rest.
 Then 3 X 100 meters on a very slight down grade. 3 point start. I'll just be using a 3 point start for my 400's this year. Not much of a need for me to use blocks for a 400. I timed these which is far from accurate but I think if they are wrong then I'm at least consistently the same amount of wrong.
 All on 6:00 rest. 

 Downhill, yes. But easily the smoothest and strongest I've felt in a long time.

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