Sunday, March 31, 2019

Week review

  Traveled Friday so I took a zero.
  Saturday was a ~1:00 very solid strength session. Tons of effective jumping. My main set of jumps was:
2 X 10 16" box jumps.
2 X 10 24" box jumps.
2 X 50 double leg hops (imaginary jump rope) holding 12# kettle bells.
2 X 50 hops w/ 18# kettle bells.
2 X 20 hops w/ 24# kettle bells.
2 X 10 16" box jumps with 18# KBs
2 X 10 16" box jumps with 24# KB.
2 X 20 each leg TRX bulgarian split squat jumps. THESE are amazing and an excellent finisher.
 Then I went into a comprehensive routine with a secondary focus on eccentric hamstring and glute work.

 Today, Sunday. I wanted a hard speed endurance session but I really didn't want to drive 45:00 to the track. So I measured out 300 meters on a section of road by my house. I don't have anything flat, and by "anything" I truly mean that there isn't a flat section of road within 10 miles of my house. So the 300 meter profile was roughly 100 meters with gentle uphill to start that gradually went to a downhill/ 100 meters downhill (maybe 3% grade)/ 100 meters transition from down to uphill with the last ~50 meters fairly steep.
  Here's a pic. You can see the final uphill in the distance.

   I did the session as:
300/ 3:00 rest/ 300.
Rest 8:00.
300/ 3:00 rest/ 300.
 If I were at sea level I'd have taken just 1:00 rest between but since this is at 8000+ ft altitude I knew going in that there was no way. As it was the 3:00 left me wanting more, but was just enough. The goal on the 300's was 90%-95% effort. This session is designed to be run on a track at sea level and I have the chart to tell me what times I should hit that correlate to 90-95% of my 200 ability... which all means nothing here. So I went in with zero time goals and just the goal of running "hard" but balanced. Meaning I didn't want to run the first one too hard and then die on the rest of them.
300- 48"
300- 47"

300- 48"
300- 49"

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