Friday, March 22, 2019

Thursday double workouts

Am) Made it down to the track but had to cut the workout short in order to make it home to get my kids ready for school. Just 2 X 300 meters hard. 44.5" and 46". On the slow side. Again I feel great through 200 and then die quick after that. I definitely need to focus on that speed endurance aspect for a month or so.

Pm) Since I cut the morning run short and I felt great I did a second session. Sort of speed endurance-ish because of the short and active recoveries.
 All on my hill.
6 X 30 meters sprint on 270 meter jogging recoveries. At high altitude that simple jog recovery (not walking or standing) after a max effort started to accumulate more fatigue than a typical full recovery.
 Then 3 X 100 meters sprint on 300 meter jog recovery.
 In terms of volume for someone focused on the 200 and 400 that would be considered a fairly long run. All told, with the warm-up I got ~3 miles or so total.

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