Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tuesday 8 X 40 meters

  I tell athletes that the best way to know if a workout was too hard is to wait a day. Or two. Over the years I've learned how to feel if a workout is too hard or damaging while it's happening by paying attention to how my body feels during the workout compared to how it feels the next day. By paying attention in the moment, and then looking back, you learn how to predict. During Monday's workout I stopped at the point where I thought I could be compromising the next day's workout. I was also seeing a drop off in performance which is a sign of break down.
   Yesterday I lifted early in the morning for ~45:00, lots of jumping and eccentric hamstrings to mitigate my HHT (high hamstring tendinopathy) that has been niggling. As long as I continue to load it heavy, eccentrically and frequently it's fine and good but I dropped off the routine last week and it's flared back up. Then late in the day, thank you daylight savings, I went to the soccer field and did a speed session and practiced my starts with 8 X 40 meters. After the first one which was dismal I managed to get the next 7 under 5.8 seconds. Which isn't great but considering my fatigue it's fine. Part of the goal was also to work on my starts which are slowly becoming consistently good with much less thought. I also forced this a little because of the storm that moved in last night and will prevent me from running for at least two days.
 The first few inches of a potential foot of snow. Old Man Winter is grumpy.

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