Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday track fail

    Like some things, even when it's bad it's good. I got to the track today. They had far less snow in town than we had up here (20"+) in the mountains so it was all clear. The plan was to do something I haven't been able to do as of late. So I chose split 400's done as 300 hard/ 1:00 rest/ 100 hard. Results.

 300 in 44.5. Done. I felt great through 200 then over the next 14 seconds I died.

    I ran one more 300 after my hamstrings loosened from their cramped state but I kept it very relaxed. Then 1 lap with the straights as tempo. So, not what I wanted but I'm not entirely shocked. Over the last several days I've had solid workouts with yesterday being a lift + 5 X 50 meters hills. Thursday was a crap ton of shoveling heavy, wet snow and I wore a 20# weight vest. I shoveled the driveway (twice), deck, and a path to my shed and it was one of the harder "workouts" I've done in a while. Plenty of reasons I sucked today but I think the main one is that I haven't done anything long in a while. I need more endurance work but not the long, slow running kind. More the speed endurance kind with reps of 300m up to 400m done at 90% to 95%. Very difficult, long efforts edging upwards to 40"-1:00. 
  Anyway. It's all fine and good, even as I was failing I was having a blast. 

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