Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week review

 Run 17- 3:00
Bike 72- 6:30
Strength ~2:00
15,614 feet of climbing between the bike and run.

 GZ drove up this morning and we ran The Bacon Strip which is a 10 mile out and back that is pretty much my staple route. It's a solid run with ~1800ft of climbing and a good mix of terrain that allows you to work any aspect of training, except for flat work. Here's the profile:

  So about 11.5 hours this week. The run volume was good in a safe kind of way. My knee felt good today so I'm moving towards better.
 Next week is a MAF test on the track and possibly a MAF/watt test on the bike.

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Whittington said...

Glad your back. Always enjoy the updates.