Monday, July 6, 2015


Up and out at 6:00am to shake out my legs after running with GZ. We He jogged but it was my longest run in months. My legs felt really good though and I got out for an hour on the bike later. This morning I had a little bit of flat legs as expected but my knee is 100% which pleases me. That's a statement we should all use more often. "That pleases me."

 Tonight I headed out after my wife got home at 6:00pm into rain and ~55 degrees for hill intervals.

These were done as much in the big ring as I could so it didn't matter much that my legs were flat. It was just grinding with a low cadence and standing for as long as my legs could handle (I'm focusing on standing mostly to strengthen my knees and hips.) The two little blips on the last two humps were rolling sprints to max effort with high cadence to change things up a bit.
 Right now I'm not too concerned with data or structure. I like tracking vertical is all. But HR or pace or total hours I'll leave alone for awhile. There's a 50/50 chance I'll stop exercising tomorrow so I'm just going to roll with the motivation I have today and hope it's still there when I wake up tomorrow.


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