Friday, July 3, 2015


Cycling has been my main exercise as I build back into a semblance of not sucking. I find that I can easily get 1-2 hours a day without much of drain on energy like running tends to do. Plus my knee is still not 100% and I can feel a faint ache after runs in the medial tibial plateau (to get all sciencey) or basically inside of my knee which I suspect may have been a stress fracture. Webmd said it was either ebola or an ear infection but I'm going with a stress fracture. I didn't need a doctor to tell me to rest so I rested. If I'm patient I'm sure I can get it back to health. Anyway, here's my ride this morning.

 And I'm rebuilding an old fly rod that I got on e-bay for $7.50. It's a 7 foot, 2-piece, 4-ish weight, fiberglass South Bend made (probably) in the 70's. And the color is awesome I think. I've developed an affinity for glass after buying a 8'6" South Bend rod and matching reel made in 1971, the same year I was born... so it's old as hell (it's my header pic). This new one had a few torqued and missing guides so I bought a set (on e-bay again) for $3.99. And I went with red thread so it's going to be Christmassy. The thread cost more than the rod did BUT IT HAS SPARKLES! Totally worth it.

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Hibernation said...

That is a completely fantastic olive tone. AWESOME find!