Wednesday, July 1, 2015


3.87 miles in 39:36. 10:14 pace. 658 feet of climbing with average HR 145. Max 156.
Not really a test so much as just getting an idea as to how much work I have ahead. Starting from scratch is never easy.
 I could use this run as a baseline test but I think a proper warm-up is a critical aspect to good testing and the terrain doesn't really allow that. I could jump on the treadmill and do the warm-up but I'm not that concerned. The Nederland track is 14 miles away so I'll probably test there. It sits at 8400ft altitude which I think is fine since I've lived at 8200ft for 6 years now. I do think true MAF (and fat adaptation) is heavily affected by altitude but again, since I live here it is specific to me. And really if I think about it testing at lower elevations would make less sense.
  Ya, odd distance but I had a phone call at 7:00 and had to get home. HR average 145/ max 156 so definitely not a true MAF run. Tons of walking as usual but that corrects itself quick. 658ft of vert today gives me 8600ft of gain so far this week, I biked Monday and Tuesday. And speaking of MAF I won't be using the 180-age formula, rather I'll be using experience and more of a zone based range. HR 140-150 will be my training range and I know that this is plenty moderate to serve the purpose. It would be more Zone 2 than MAF.


Derunzo said...

Random and unrelated comment, but does Olivia still come around?

Lucho said...

Olivia was attacked by a dog and the last we heard (our neighbor saw her right after) her tail was gone and she had what looked like a broken leg. But, she had pups last year and we got to see all 4 of them playing often. She had a den at the back of our property. One of her kids still comes around now and then. I'll never forget when she walked in our front door and nabbed a shoe and ran. I went outside and she had dropped it and just sat there looking at me. And her and our cat used to sit on the deck together in the sun. We have a framed photo of her on our wall :)

sllygrl said...

I'm wondering if you'd care to elaborate on your comment of 'true MAF and fat adaptation is heavily affected by altitude comment - maybe in one of the ATC podcasts? I live at 8500 feet and run at MAF and outside of the obvious 'slower pace than it would be if I were at sea level affect' - how does higher elevation affect fat adaptation? I'm just curious. Somehow I think the answer will mean I'm way more awesome than I really think I am...