Sunday, February 10, 2019

Speed work

  5 X 40 meters. Measured out on the soccer field with my handy wheel measurer. I brace my starting blocks up against a corner fence post so they don't slip.
 All on ~3:00 rest. These are of course hand timed which means they aren't very accurate but I think I'm at least consistent. I use a starting block app on my phone and hit my stopwatch button at the gun. That 5.5 is about as fast as I've ever run 40 which is a good sign for February in terms of my speed.
 Then I finished with 2 X 10 meter fly.
 Then I lifted pretty hard with a focus on loaded box jumps and starting block box jumps. Basically get down in the 4 point position and then start/ jump onto a a box.

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