Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday track fail

  From the start my legs felt great. Loose, fluid and springy and my rhythm was great. Then when I started the workout I sucked.
 The loose plan was split 300's of 200 meters aggressive/ 1:00 rest/ 100 meters hard.
 First 200 in 27.04/ 100 in 14.3. Glutes started to cramp, legs felt like wood. I pushed pretty hard yesterday (and the day before. And the day before that) so I should have expected it.
 Switched it up after a 10:00 rest trying to get my glutes to unlock and ran:
100 in 14.2
100 in 13.07
200 in 29.0 (tempo)
200 in 29.4 (tempo)
 I probably could have banged out 29" 200's for quite a while just by muscling them but I was working harder than I wanted so I bagged it.
 Ultimately I just wanted to get on a track in nice weather and run fast/ hard so this was a great workout regardless of the fail. 

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