Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday hill intervals

 Our weather has been horrid. Back when I was doing tons of volume it didn't matter. I just bundled up and went out and slogged through miles. Poor footing I just slowed down and kept it easy. Now-a-days my intent is much different and I sort of need to include some quality in each session. Even my long runs are tempo intervals. The past few days however I couldn't even do that. Friday was ~8" of new snow, on top of the 12" we just got, and I ran by a snow plow that had gotten stuck. In 10 years living in the mountains that was a first. Yesterday we had 30-40mph winds and sub freezing temps. Today it's sunny and a balmy 42 degrees with light winds. The roads are still crap, stretches of packed snow/ ice and TONS of sand. I managed to find a somewhat clean 50 meter strip and swept it clearer and was able to do quality today.

Am) 45:00 lift with my son. He recently turned 12 and that's the age minimum at my gym so he's been coming with me. He has zero interest in running but is jazzed to lift. He did the Murph WOD a couple months ago and loved the lift parts, hated the run. I've kept him entirely on the skill of movement and education (the why and what muscles) side of the sessions. He loves it.

Pm) 4 X 200m hard. Last week I ran 8 X 200m in 45"-48" as a long tempo session, today was pushing more to speed endurance. No watch, I just wanted to hurt. I did.
 Then 4 X 50 meters, 3 point starts and max intent. 100% effort. These felt amazing, it's been awhile since I've gotten to sprint! Then 1 mile easy.

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