Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lift + weighted hill intervals

     Leg session this morning. You've heard the saying "Never skip leg day"? I'm the guy who always skips upper day. I'll do a random upper lift in between sets of legs. Today I was doing heavy cable wood chops (high cable) and my seratus anterior cramped. It didn't twinge, it full on locked and seized. I thought I'd been stabbed or hit with a Angon (a throwing spear with a long head similar to the Roman pilum, used by the Franks (The Franks were a collection of Germanic peoples, whose name was first mentioned in 3rd century Roman sources, associated with tribes on the Lower and Middle Rhine, on the edge of the Roman Empire.)) Anyway, it was pretty spectacular.

Pm) came back this evening in the cold, dark, windy, spitting snow, to run 4 X 200 meter hill intervals in front of my house. In the interest of avoiding peaking too soon I leaned towards doing something completely non-specific to my goal so I wore a 20 pound weight vest. No speed involved, just grindy tempo efforts. Not tempo though, not really. The vest adds a component of strength/ endurance with slower leg speed. Not entirely sure if that's an effective strategy but I'll give it a go.

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