Thursday, December 6, 2018

Insomotivationia. Lift + max acceleration.

  Went to bed at 8pm last night and woke up at 1:30 ready to do something. My calves were slightly sore but it was from the treadmill 2 days ago more than yesterday.
 Nasty weather with 18 degrees and freezing fog/ snow. Clouds probably more than fog. First in the gym at 4:30 and felt great immediately. Lifting is probably my favorite exercise which is ironic because I'm pretty skinny. I've never over eaten enough to gain weight.
 Comprehensive leg lift with upper chest (cable crossovers) as my only upper body. Warmed up a little with leg extensions, 7 Way Hips, then strides. Then did 3 X 20 meter sled sprints + 3 X 30 meter starts/ max accelerations. Then nearly an hour of various heavy leg lifts and core exercises. Then finished with 4 X 20 meter heavy sled (I consider "heavy" to be 100 pounds) then 4 X 30 meter starts/ max accelerations.

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