Friday, July 21, 2017

New deadlift max and vasectomy/ hernia pain

     I didn't race last night. I've felt like shit the last 3 days and it peaked yesterday. I think I felt so crappy because I was resting, which happens all the time. A severe change in a schedule tends to do that whether it's doubling your mileage or intensity or cutting it in half. I wasn't bummed though because I knew I'd feel good in the day or two and I would be able to train, which is the fun part anyway right?
     And I did feel good this morning! I went to the gym and finally deadlifted double my body weight. #290.

     Not exactly "proof" but I'm not the guy who asks someone to take a pic while I do the lift, so you'll have to take my word for it. Or not. And the bare bar weighs #60 if you're adding it up.
     I listened to a Tim Ferris podcast recently and his guest was Ryan Flaherty, an elite level strength and speed coach, and he talked a bit about using the trap bar (or hex bar) deadlift in not only determining an athletes speed but also improving it. Here's a good article on this. Strength to body weight ratio, which I feel is my #1 weakness right now. This was just my 4th time doing trap bar deadlifts so I'm over the moon with today and even better is that I didn't feel any tweaks. Well, besides my triceps. After my #290 lift I dropped the weight by #90 and did 2 sets of 16 reps and my triceps cramped.
     Another breakthrough of sorts is that I did #110 on hip ADduction (machine). The reason I've been  focusing on these is that for the past couple of years I've had a Google (self) diagnosed sports hernia. When I slept on my left side I'd have sharp pains in my groin that ran up through my lower abdominals. At first I thought it was lingering vasectomy pain (or PVPS which is a real thing), which I had for ~6 years post procedure. Pain in fact to the point where I felt I'd been punched in the junk. That slowly resolved right at the time when this new pain came about so I just thought it was part of that. But, after looking more into it I thought it may be a sports hernia. One PT exercise for such an issue is hip ADduction work. Like the Thighmaster.
     That's not me BTW, I lent mine to a buddy and he never returned it so I've had to resort to the dreaded adduction machine at the gym. It's the only piece of equipment you use where eye contact becomes awkward. I look more like this and I do scream. People STILL won't make eye contact.
       Anyway, since I've been doing this I've had 100% resolution of pain in my groin and lower abdominals and I can finally sleep facing my wife. I started a few months ago with the lowest weight possible and it HURT. It sent electric shock sensations into my groin and junk. Although that could be a good thing for some, I think it's more associated with acts that are banned by the Geneva Convention. Every week it got better though and today I was able to do #110 for a set of 10 reps with zero discomfort. Good stuff. This is all part of why I feel that weight/ strength training is such a huge deal particularly as we age. Next time you see an elderly person, really check them out as they move. Don't be creepy about it, but look at what they're lacking. It's probably strength more than anything. After the age of 30 we start to lose muscle mass with the most severe losses happening after 50. Bone density also drops off. Both of those can be prevented by exercising and strength training is of course the #1 Rx.


Christian D. said...

Was hoping to have an incredible race recap but none the less it was still a good read. Really enjoy your writing and your adventures. Cheers!

Lucho said...

Thank you Christian, I appreciate the good word. I have two more races in August, hopefully the recaps will be "incredible" :)