Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday 3 X 150 meters

     I felt amazing this morning. No niggles whatsoever and my hamstring was just mildly tight and loosened up well during my warm-up. Despite those things I ran pretty poorly. At my top end speed I felt awkward and the watch showed that I was slower than usual.
 3 X 150 on 5:00 rest.
     If you split it evenly that's ~13.x for the first 100 then 6.x for the last 50. I race this Thursday and am hoping to improve from my last 400 which I hit 56.8. If I run like I did today I won't. Based on today I'd run 26.x for 200 which barely slips into the 56.x range for 400. But I was working too hard on these 150's. Much harder than I will in the first 200 this Thursday. We'll see.
    It's possible that yesterday's rest has my muscles feeling lazy or not fully activated and today's run fired them up. The next two days will be more tempo type work and avoiding stressing my CNS increasing fatigue.

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