Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sewn leather bar wrap.

This turned out to be about ten times more tedious than I expected. I've sewn around round things before for fly rod cases but this was smaller diameter, I had to contort to do the stitching, and I'm also using leather that is about a third as thick. Heavy is easy because it's durable and doesn't tear. Yesterday I got a screaming deal on an entire half cow in 2-3 weight veg tan leather and decided to try my hand at sewn handlebar wrap. I've seen many examples and always liked how it looks.
     Originally I wanted to tool and stamp the entire piece but suspected that I might fail so I left it blank just in case I had to cut it off and start over. I'm debating on the color, I like the old school brown but black is appealing. I'm leaning more towards leaving it untreated and letting the weather and my use color it. Like a pair of old gloves or boots.
     I soaked the leather for five minutes and stitched it on and as it's dried has tightened more than I thought it would. It's quite stable and seems to be holding tight. I suspect that over time it will loosen  as the leather stretches.  

I went with brown. 

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