Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leather bicycle seat bag.

My seat bag was falling apart, plus I never really liked it because it was a tad too small. So I lined out a rough design and built my own.
 I love my Merlin. So I carved their logo on one side. 
I applied an acrylic base and then brown antique stain. The white sinew stitches are growing on me. 
A trout on my seat bag. I wanted to add something substantial to me and fly fishing is that.
Almost done. 

I went with one my favorite (looking) closures, button/ cord and sometimes you'll see it as button/ loop. I sliced a piece of deer antler and drilled holes to make a large button. The cord is sewn to the face so I sliced an antler skull bead in half to cover it.  
Those inner flaps are to secure the kit a bit better and ensure small parts don't fall out.  


Trev said...

I love to see this stuff and would also love to give it a try.

What equipment do you need to do this?

Could you post a photo?

Lucho said...

For this (without the tooling and stamping) you'd need the basics. Leather, needle and thread, hole punch, and then any finish (dye, waterproofing) you'd want. I started off super basic with fly rod and reel cases made from leather I scavenged off a couch at the dump. Which was ideal for learning to work with leather. Then I stepped up to this kind of tooling leather. You just gotta start and learn as you go. If there's a Tandy Leather near you they do offer free classes on various leather craft stuff and the salespeople are always super helpful with questions.