Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Swim- 1200m. I died and got out after just 1200. As with other sports, cumulative fatigue will mask fitness gains until you unload it. Fatigue can almost make you feel like you're losing fitness. Not that I had any to begin with in the water.

Dry sauna- I got out at 20:00 when my HR hit 140. Didn't want to go over MAF :) My Governor was starting to whisper after 15:00. I've missed that old bastard.  

Lift- Legs. Hard.


Brett said...

2 posts, 2 days in a row. You now have a streak!

Stay Vertical said...

Lucho, I need this blog to survive the winter. Stay in the saddle and please keep the posts coming. Even swim posts!

Lucho said...

Yes. I'm shocked myself Brett! And I just love streaks.

I'll try Jeremy!

Michelle Simmons said...

I like your blogging streak!

I've never been on a streak, but I'm currently (shockingly!) on a running streak! It's been ~3 weeks now I think? Some days its only a 1.5 mile jog commute to/from the pool, but I'm counting those runs as part of my streak. :) Keep your streak up.

I'll send you some of the swim sessions you used to write for me if you need some inspiration in the pool!

Lucho said...

Awesome Michelle! The streaks are a means to an end regarding training. Keep at it!
No "workouts" for me in the pool. I'm just keeping it fun and enjoying the exercise. I'm definitely not wanting structure now.