Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reel Case II

Messing around with some heavy veg tan leather today and practicing carving and tooling. I gave my last reel case to a good friend yesterday.
My wolf. Practicing tooling and stamping. This is quite small and probably not ideal for learning the basics. Turned out  OK though. 

Another idea and certainly something I'll use again in the future. 

You can see the reference for size here. I tried painting the fish... meh. I'd like to try red and green paint. 

Getting ready to stitch. First though I added black edging dye and hand punched 48 stitch holes on every edge. That's 192 stitches.  

Before conditioning. 

After conditioning. 

I love this print and I do it with a small square stamping tool. 

A new home for my 43 year old South Bend reel. It fits perfectly. 


Damie said...

I am really impressed. That is beautiful!!!

skatona said...

You should think about getting on etsy. Nice work!

wende said...

Yes to the Etsy shop for sure!! It would be a cinch for you with your EBay skills.