Monday, October 7, 2013


 A quick review of my past week.
 I took a few weeks to allow my legs to readjust to the pounding and am now hitting it hard. Over the past year, from August 2012 to September 2013 I ran 330 miles total so to say I'm out of shape is an understatement. The weight training I have done over the past year has helped a ton though and this week of hard running has been absorbed easily. I would like to try to blog more often about the training I'll be doing for the Masters Cross Country Nationals in February, we'll see if that actually happens (the blogging that is). I welcome questions too which helps to motivate me to write more.

Monday- 7.5 miles in 1:08 (9:04 pace/ 1400ft vertical) with hill strides. Easy Z2 effort over-all.

Tuesday- 3 miles easy with strides. Lift shoulders, chest, sandbag/ TRX.

Wednesday- Am) 5 miles. Strides/ drills/ plyometrics + 3 X 400 in grass and mud. All in 1:17-1:20.
                    Pm) 7 miles- 1:00 (8:34 pace/ 1400ft vertical) as moderate tempo effort. Moderate tempo would equate to about MAF +5-10 or what I call aerobic threshold. Still very much a fat burning state but more stressful on the structure (muscles and tendons) which can't be neglected... ever.

Thursday- 0 run. Full body lift (easy legs) with intense sandbag/ TRX. I am continually amazed at how much you can kick your own ass with the sandbag. I'll try to do a post with pictures on how to make a Bulgarian sandbag for strength training at home.

Friday- Am) 6 miles with 6 X 400 (at 8100ft altitude on a rolling road) in 75/77/72/71/75/68. Super happy, these felt quite controlled and relaxed with the exception of the 68".
            Pm) 10 mile tempo run in 1:16. 7:38 pace with 1800ft of vertical between 8100-9100ft altitude.

Saturday- 6.5 miles recovery. Tired.

Sunday- 0 Rest for tomorrow's quality and to prevent exceeding 45 miles.

 45 miles total.

 Today is either XC course intervals (grass, hills and mud) or pushing the 400's again... or an easy run if I feel tired. I'll get warmed up and call an audible according to how my body feels.


Rob Timko said...

Get it!

RUNssel said...

Finally some updates. Keep em coming man!

P. said...

awesome! i had been wondering what you were up to and whether you had training plans unfurling. battle stations.

Anonymous said...

Why did you decide to race Masters CC nationals?

I was kinda hoping you were going to do IM Boulder so I could read about your training. Did it fit into your life structure better right now?

Anonymous said...

Lucho -

No cycling thrown in there? Great to see an update; this is probably one of my favorite running blogs.

Lucho said...

Thanks guys!

Anon- XC Nats is in February so I would have time to also do Boulder. But we're far enough away from the nearest pool that I would waste half my day just getting there and back. Plus if I were to do it I would have to do it right which would take ~25 hours a week. I can't justify that with my kids and wife right now. Possibly once both kids are in school.

Anon- I know! On my run today I was day dreaming about the bike. It'll definitely be part of the plan.

eric said...

Anxious to learn about the Bulgarian sand bags.

Stay Vertical said...

Yeah man, get it! Love the discipline to rest and stick with the plan.

PWickman said...

I'd love to hear more about this sandbag and what exactly you do with it... Thanks!
(this is a safe link - it's a movie quote)

Lucho said...

PW- Ha! That was good.
I'll be making another sandbag soon and will take pics of the process. One of the best pieces of home strength equipment and it costs less than $10. Compared to kettlebells at over $1.00 per pound.