Sunday, August 26, 2012

Post Leadville in pictures

First, thank you for all the great comments! Much appreciatin the good word.
 Ironically we spent the weekend in Leadville. The town and area are quite special and it has really gotten in to my blood.
Fishing with a panoramic view of  the Leadville course. 

One of the loves of my life. 

Hope Pass. I looked at it with nothing but respect and fondness. I'll miss it. 

Ben's first river fishing! 

Twin Lakes

Retirement at it's finest


GZ said...

and the background is now white ...

Lucho said...

You noticed. Speaks volumes for how I feel.

Lauren said...


Thomas said...

Hammock, beer and a look of contentment on the face. Great pic.

Trigirlpink said...

S'mores! (drool) Looks like a very cool place. Colorado in general is a place I love. I've got 2 very cool prints I had matted and framed while in Boulder that hang in my house now!

Steve Pero said...

Now that's life...r&r with the fam :-)

RunGirl said...

The only thing I can say is I AM JEALOUS! I miss Twin Lakes. I would go there a couple times a month when I lived in Colo Spgs.
Oh well. For now I will survive in the White Mtns of New Hampshire (which of course isn't that bad either!)
Love your blog!

Lucho said...

Thank you Jennifer! I love NH too, definitely beautiful.