Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week review

 60 miles total for my first week of running in 10 weeks, it felt quite easy. A couple of good bikes in there also. It feels awesome to run again and I haven't lost much from the break and I didn't gain any weight either, which always helps in coming back in to form. My MAF pace dropped from 10:00 pace down to 8:00 pace in the 6 days which shows somewhat that I didn't lose much from just biking over the past couple months. I'm going to ease in to a Canova-esque fundamental period and see where that takes me. I have 41 weeks until Leadman starts so I have time to play around and experiment a lot with little risk to the Leadman races.
 And by experiment I'm talking about intensity. I'm going to forgo my usual long 'base' build and jump straight to faster stuff. Once the spring hits I'll need to focus more on long stuff in prep for the Leadville 100 bike and run,  together the training will be a huge volume focus and I think running hard will be counter productive.


Brad Poppele said...

Nice week of running! What fall/winter marathon are you looking at?

Anonymous said...

wow! 10:00 to 8:00 in 6 weeks? I am considering trying this MAF stuff. I have been running for 20 years, about 40 miles per week and am slowly getting slower. I am 36, 3 kids, 9, 7 and 2 years. I do try to vary my workouts and paces but am thinking I may need to start from ground zero?

Lucho said...

Not committed to anything... maybe something in January though.

Anon- 6 days. But 10:00 to 8 isn't necessarily an improvement. 8:00 pace is just back closer to where I was before the break. The basics are always a good place to start!

Art said...

You will have to meet me in Leadville next summer so I can teach ya how NOT to crash on the Silver 50 course....;-) BTW, what make is your LA analyzer....?

Lucho said...

It's a Scout analyzer.