Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 10 miles

 I felt like big ass on this. I had intended on running a 10 mile hill fartlek (one of my weekly staple runs) but as I hit the first hill my legs had nothing. So I bagged it and jogged for time.
 Still no buckle from Leadville. I paid my $25.00 6 weeks ago to have it shipped because I skipped the awards to support my wife in a race she was doing. No point... just sayin.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your daily post. I apologize. I don't know how or where it's appropriate to ask you a question. Here's the question, if I may.
I believe I've seen pics of a bike here that appears to be an Access XCL 9.5 29er Mountain Bike from Performance. If I'm correct, would you care to offer an opinon. I realize they are an entry level/budget type ride, Thats fine. Just wondering if you'd share an opinon or thought. If I'm wrong, or out of place , I apologize.

mtnrunner2 said...

Maybe there was a cave-in at the bucklonioum mine and they ran out of buckle metal.

Seriously, did they have to order more?

Lucho said...

Anon- Not at all! I did ride an Access XCL 9er frame that I got barely used on e-bay for $90. 3.7 pounds and (IMO) very well built. This was only my second aluminum frame as I'm a Ti/ steel fan but I think it rides fairly well, not as harsh as I expected. It climbs very well too. Not much else, did you have a specific question?

Mtr- Ha! Actually Leadville hires Santa's elves over the Summer.
Not sure really! I'm pretty antsy to hold both big buckles next to each other though.

Art said...

Send an email to:

Make sure she has your $25 as well as your name, address, and race'll get it even if I have to bring it to you next summer....

Lucho said...

Art- Shannon got back to me and said they are trying to get them out. It'll come, I'm just impatient. Thanks though!