Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday hill intervals + ME work + lift

Wu) 22:00 to 700 ft climb.
10:00 tempo up.
 Spin back down high cadence.
Climb 900ft in 2.5 miles. Big ring only (muscle endurance work) for 18:00. Cadence ~30-40 revs/ HR 150-160.
 Spin back down high cadence.
6 X 30" maximum efforts hill intervals at 40-50 cadence. Spin back to the start with high cadence.
Cd) home.

 Squats and deadlifts immediately after. 4 sets on deadlifts and squats to near failure with 110 pounds. On 1' recovery... ouch.  


Dave said...

Love me some hill intervals! Those sound wicked, not to mention hittin' the weight pile afterwards! I woulda called it a day after the bike:).

Seriously though, I love that type of workout. I never believed in solid hill work until I did it before my last trip to Spain. Really made a difference in my riding there.

Was this on the mtb? How are those wheels? I'm actually thinking of ordering the same pair!

Lucho said...

Dave- I did this on my cross bike which has a 12-25 rear cassette and 42x32 rings. Fairly stout gearing. The big gear work is the bomb for functional strength and muscle endurance. The weights afterward kind of wrecked my legs and I feel it big time today... but that was the point.
The Stans Crest/ Hope Pro hubs running tubeless is amazing! I also used a pair of Specialized Renegade tires that weigh 460g each! The wheel builders goofed up my order and accidentally used the Hope Pro3 hubs too, and couldn't charge me for the upgrade :) So I got a super sweet setup! They climb amazing especially coming from a 10.5 pound wheelset! I dropped ~6 pounds off my wheels. I weigh ~140 pounds right now so the Crests are adequate. Not sure what you weigh but I would say to factor that in to the rim choice.

Footfeathers said...

140? Jesus, eat a sandwich boy!

I'm dizzy after just reading the workout.

Lucho said...

You look damn lean yourself! And at just the right time. Carrying even a half ounce extra weight would be equal to what... carrying an extra ton of weight over the course of Hard Rock?