Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday 10 miles and Mt. Evans race thoughts

 Super unmotivated to run today, my typical pre-race sabotage/ excuse/ out. "I don't really care about Evans so why run?" My defense mechanism that relieves the pressure I put on myself. I forced myself out the door and felt good physically and ran maybe my fastest time ever with the lowest HR on my 10 mile/ 2000ft vertical course. 1:18 (7:48 pace) at an average HR of 141/ max HR 151. So that will be my Evans prediction. 7:48 pace or 1:52:57. One second faster than Bob Sweeney last year.
 My strategy for Evans will be to start with the front group and get a feel for the effort, slip off the pace if I feel pressed. I suspect Aish will jog easy, still too fast for the group except for maybe Jason Delaney. My goal is to settle in to an effort that leaves me feeling very good at Summit Lake (if that's even possible?) all the while focusing on nutrition and hydration. I'll start with a hand held with 100g of carbohydrate (maltodextrin and fructose) and then add water to it at the aid stations diluting it as I go. I'll also have a 6oz flask with an additional 50g of CHO. Starting at Summit Lake I'll switch to just Coke and give what I have to the finish. No watch, no HR, just runnin'.
 I counted back 16 weeks and I've averaged 44 miles a week of running which I'm completely happy with. After Evans though it will be a full tilt focus on the Leadville 100 bike (just 9 weeks out now!) I feel I have focused well on the bike already these past few months which is why the run mileage has been so low. My bike fitness is solid, I just need to get the long rides longer.


Dave said...

As we have discussed, even coaches have coaches. So as your publicist, I volunteer. CHO? Get rid of it. Fructose sounds like the name of a stripper in San Francisco. In it's place? Cubed Boulder hobo. A little gamey, but better than that un-organic Denver crap. And pace? Drop that by at least 3 min/mile. The last time I saw a 7:48 mile, the buffet line at a Kansas Golden Corral just made last call. Nothing to worry about with Aish. I do all of my scouting through anagrams, and Transformers was a terrible movie. Delaney? Sounds vaguely Canadian. THAT HOSER.

1:52:57 =
1+5x2+5x7 = 46
4x6 = 24
2x4 = 8
8 = sideways ∞
∞ = How many dreams you will crush

P.S. also equals boobs

Lucho said...

Ha! Awesome comment. Cubed Boulder hobo... I think they have that at the aid stations. But I thought Labeouf was good and 'The Mexicans of the North' do turn out some good runners.
Thanks Dave!

Brett said...

I heard Aish has the shoulders of a 10 year old girl.

Lucho said...

He's a two time Olympian though! That to me is just ridiculously bad ass... skinny or not. Besides... I think MY shoulders are nearing prepubescent size now!

Brett said...

Yea but can he run those paces in a cowboy hat or wife beater as a singlet?

Lucho said...

Not sure I should be proud of that... my clothing sponsor is Goodwill.