Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winter is here!

Pictures of the snow from inside my house... sucks. I love running in this weather more than anything, maybe my angel is taunting me or teaching me a lesson... or just smarter than me which means she at least has an IQ of 20. I tried to shovel the drive but the first scoop was like a gun shot to my arm.

Shot from our bedroom window. I passed out at noon and didn't wake up until 4:30pm. Such a waste but it's good for healing. Woke up in horrible pain and nauseous. my temperature is good (my usual cold 97) but my arm if fuc*ing killing me. 

Doctors appointment tomorrow for a follow up to see my arm. Infection doesn't really set in until ~48 hours post ass kicking so it will be a good 72 hours of breeding for what ever is going to try to eat my arm. Judging from the pain right now I'm only mildly optimistic.


Dave said...

You're awesome, best wishes over the next few days! It has to be frustrating, but I bet this rest will be a godsend for Evans/Pb. From now on, every year in early May you will try to impale yourself in the general location of a superfluous extremity.

What do you think about the low body temp? I am the same, usually hovering in the low to mid-96s. Does that make it tough to stay warm? Are we reptiles?

Lucho said...

I'll go up and get the rock that impaled me. That was next year I use the same rock. You can borrow it.

Not sure on the body temp. I suspect that part of why I race so well in the heat is that my body temp is so low. That's pure armchair physiologist guess work (bullshit) though. I'm pretty much always cold but it's what feels normal for me now so I don't notice.

SanDiegoPJ said...

Jesus man...I step away from the blog for a few days and you damn near take your arm off.

Heal quick and enjoy the extra time with the family!

Lucho said...

Some people think I did it on purpose to try to drop weight for Mt Evans.
Thanks JP

Brett said...

Hi Tim. Here:’t-separate-mental-training-from-physical-training_27280 is an article I just read that reminded me of things you taught me before. (I guess since it was a year and a half ago, you can sue Matt for copyright infringement.) :)

Looks like so far so good on your elbow. Its probably a good thing it was 'only a flesh wound' and not a compound fracture in your elbow that would have required surgery, pins, cast, and so on.

Kona Shelley said...

Snow?? Yuck! Hope your arm heals!