Friday, May 13, 2011


So the expected infection happened. My doctor looked at it yesterday and traced the infection line with a Sharpie and put me on antibiotics. Last night the infection line had grown to my armpit (from my elbow) so I was a bit shocked. This afternoon though, after the antibiotics kicked in, the red swollen infection has diminished.
 So ya, I'm going to live. I'm thinking of running on Monday as I still can't really bend my arm without quite a bit of pain. No rush to get back to it.


Michelle Simmons said...

Glad the antibiotics are kicking in. And glad you didn't rub cat shit in your elbow. Really, there's no need to test that out. ;)

I have a bunch of gravel in my knee. Freshman year- high school track- I was running hurdles on a dirt track and tripped over the last one (See? I have never been a real runner). The school nurse was like, "If you don't let me scrub those bits of gravel out with this iron-bristled brush you're going to have rocks in your skin for the rest of your life!" I was like, I'll take the rocks. Thanks. 22 years later they're like a badge of honor.

Rick said...

If you lived in the south you might have said "like an anus ring AND bad teeth..."
Good to hear the infection won't be around long.

mtnrunner2 said...

Was wondering, as I was out running after work and trying hard not to fall down on rocks. Really glad to hear it.

Trigirlpink said... really did a job on yourself. Glad the infection is under control. Rest up, enjoy the weekend with your family.. make a cake.... watch Finding Nemo... :-)

Lucho said...

Thanks guys