Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday 5:25 7700ft vertical

Am) Run 1:10 MAF 1700ft of vertical. Felt super.

Am) Bike 4:15 Twin Spruce/ Gap/ Peak To Peak/ Lump Gulch out and back/ Tolland Road/ Rollins Pass Road briefly (still tons of snow)/ Peak To Peak/ Highway 72. 6000ft of vertical all between 7800-9500 altitude.

 Awesome day after yesterday's run.

 And I had a bug put in my ear last week about connecting trails from Starr Peak to Boulder. I have 90% of it mapped and have run all of the trails, I just need to nail down a solid connection between my 4 Crosses climb and Walker. Possibly Saturday or Sunday I'm thinking about a long run loop route from home/ Starr Peak/ Golden Gate/ CCCMP/ 4 Crosses/ Walker/ home.  

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chris mcpeake said...

great stuff.