Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lots of snow.

This has been the scene all day...
We're getting one of our biggest snow dumps of the year but it's super wet and the temperature is right on the edge of 30, so the roads are clear and it's soaking in quickly. On my jog today water was running down the roads. Awesome for the fire risk this summer so I won't complain. I would rather shovel snow than the ashen remains of my house.
 I've been awake since 2:00am when I held the trash can for Ben to throw up in. After cleaning up and changing Ben's pajamas and sheets and then doing a load of vomit laundry I decided to make coffee. My stomach is also way off but not as bad.

 And my doctor said I could stop the antibiotics today but of course my elbow is swollen and hot and leaking 'stuff' (bloody yellow goodness). I suppose the pocket of empty skin has to get rid of it's 'stuff' eventually? I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on this blog. Not sure how my elbow skin is supposed to refill or reattach or re-what-ever it's going to do. It seems like everything is trapped inside because the laceration/ puncture is healing over quite nicely but the pocket is still full. WTF?

 All of this lines me up for a good race on Saturday. I've noted that when I do things perfectly and by the book my races are mediocre. But when things go wrong I race well when I shouldn't. I think I take the pressure off of myself somehow. But of course now that I have acknowledged the dysfunction of racing well when things go bad, I am reapplying the pressure to perform when I shouldn't because I usually do. That was fun. 


Forward Foot Strides said...

Whoah what!!! Where are you???!!!

Lucho said...

At 8200ft altitude outside of Pinecliffe Colorado. Or heaven. I love it.

P. said...

"i'd rather shovel snow than the ashen remains of my house."

duder, your writing is on roll right now.

i hope you kill on saturday and, like the Lord, rest on the sabbath!

Lucho said...

If Jesus ran the race on Saturday he would kill it, then kick back with an IPA on Sunday (and I'm certain that he would. IPA is the new wine). So I will do what Jesus would do.
Tough call on Saturday though as it's not a head to head race. My main competition gets a head start!
Thanks P

Anonymous said...

next ultra if your feeling sluggish, just puncture it with a needle and suck the puss for electrolytes

Lucho said...

Anon- Nice. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. And I think it's spelled pus. But your mistake throws a whole nother spin on it all.

Brett said...

Yea good catch Lucho. I might try that one on my wife and see if she falls for it. If she gives me a bad look I can always just insist I meant one s and not two.

I think whatever is in there is eventually just absorbed back into the the swelling dies down and so on. But I am not a doctor either.

Lucho said...

Brett- That reminds me of a classic Dwight Schrute quote from The Office... I've changed it to fit my situation.
"When I fell on a gravel road they took an X-ray and found I had pus in my elbow, when they did another X-ray a few weeks later they discovered that I had resorbed the pus. Do I regret this... no. I believe this pus has made me stronger, I now have the strength of a grown man AND pus."
That was lame. Sorry.