Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buffalo Creek Trail Run race report

7.9 miles with 1300ft of climbing.

Fastest net times:
Tim Waggoner           51:56 (6:34 pace)
John Tribbia               52:56
Andy Ames                54:28

 Official results.

 The race started in handicapped waves based on age. Andy started 3:00 ahead of me and finished about 30" ahead and crossed the line first. John Tribbia started 2:00 behind me and finished 3:00 behind and had me running scared, the dude is bad ass.
 I felt awesome before the race warming up but never really felt good during the race except for the descents. The climbs felt heavy, but John said he put a solid effort in to catching me on the initial 3 mile climb, so maybe I was climbing better than I thought.
 And for GZ. My pre-pre-pre race meal was dinner last night of corn on the cob and chicken. My pre-pre race nutrition was coffee. My pre race nutrition was water and a handful of trail dirt to see how the trail conditions were. You can tell a lot about a trail by how it tastes. For instance, the spot that I was on had a herd of migrating elk pass in 1924. There were 121 females, 38 males, and 47 (maybe 48) calves. The winter of 1941 there was a drought. In 1972 a family of 6 (mother, father, 2 boys and 2 girls had a picnic on that same spot and they had barbecue pork, potato chips (Lays), Coke in a bottle and angel food cake afterward. They also had a dog. A lab. He was white.  

 And Beth and James Walsh rocked the crap out of Ironman Texas today! Wow. Beth was 11th over-all and top amateur. James was top 20 over-all. Their kid is going to have some genes to work with.

 And a great quote from Dave who just beat (by 7 seconds) a 4:06 miler in a road mile. Dave also happens to be the greatest race report writer of all time.
"Breaking the tape with a 7-second win, the time and result became irrelevant. I guess I started the race scared. A neutered fear. Anger confronted that fear, and that is what I will remember about Friday evening. So at some point I'd like to try to get around 4 minutes. At some point I'd like to push my limits. But Friday evening had more significant implications than money or time. From now on, when I line up beside the best...I won't be scared."


Ward said...

Dude - rockin' it! Keep up the momentum!! Great job T!

Rick said...


Lucho said...

Thanks guys!

John Tribbia said...

Hey Tim, nice blog! Haha...I just stumbled upon it this evening.

You weren't kidding about the elbow and, from today's race, it appears you recovered well! I'll claim you were well rested. You were the badass today either way!


Lucho said...

John- Thanks! Ya, I was for sure well rested. Against you I doubt I'll have a result like that again so I'll take it!

Brad Poppele said...

Nice Job!!! You are super fit!!!

Dave said...

Holy crap! You are so awesome. It really is inspiring to follow the journey.

Anyway, I am road-tripping to CO starting on the 26th, arriving on Saturday evening. Maybe a Monday jog? I promise to replace at least half of the sappy comments with jokes. The other half will be replaced by exhaustion-induced vomit-breaks.

Lucho said...

Thanks Brad, you too!

Dave- Hell ya! Monday it is. Have a safe drive!

Brett said...

"Dave also happens to be the greatest race report writer of all time."

LOL. Werd.