Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday 6 X 1k track

Kansas. HOT and 20-30mph winds which is pretty standard and what I grew up with. I also ran on my high school track which is the best track in the world. Maybe even in the whole county.

The workout sucked. 3:18/ 3:17/ 3:17/ 3:16/ 3:17/ 3:17 all on 3:00 jogging. I haven't run on a track in forever and I haven't sustained sub 5:20 pace for any significant length of time (and definitely not on flat terrain) so this all felt foreign to me which is a familiar feeling since moving to the mountains. Legs were out of rhythm and a few muscles I rarely use are complaining now. This was fun nonetheless and something I need to get back to.
 After biking so much this past 2 weeks I also feel the familiar cyclist quad sluggishness.

 And James and Beth both rocked at Cali!


Michelle Simmons said...

The track I run on rivals that one, for sure. It's especially nice after a good hard rainstorm.

brownie said...

Awesome track! Doesn't even have the border between the track and the football field, never seen that before.

Footfeathers said...

looks like one of them lawnmower racing tracks.

GZ said...

At least the second time you have used that world - country line and it is still awesome.

So - we have also seen this before? I mean, the kilo results ... not a concern given the work, right? Or ... or is there a little concern that this could be a slip that is a bit harder to get back with father time? ;)

Actually, I don't think time is hitting you yet, but I also think that you probably don't sweat the kilos (even with the conditions) given your goals for this season. Right?

Yah - big props to clan Walsh - but Gordo did some crazy ass stuff there too.

Rick said...

Great track! I'm sure there are a few of those in the Rift Valley that might claim to be the best, but that one is right up there.

Lucho said...

GZ- I have definitely lost some speed from focusing on ultras but I still feel it there. I have solid 200/400 speed right now I just can't hold it. I looked back and a month before I ran 2:30 at Denver I did 8 X 1000 on a rubber track back home averaging ~3:06. Yesterday was dirt and windy and only 10" slower. I wouldn't call that a HUGE disparity. Once I buckle down and start to work on running fast then it will come back. Age has very little to do with it.