Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kohl 5k race report

Photo by Nan Kennard

17 inches of gain, 5300ft altitude, windy. 5th place in 16:53. Mile splits roughly 5:00/ 5:50/ 5:30 with a hard headwind for mile 2. I ran as fast as my legs would go I just had no turnover. This probably bodes fine for Mt Evans though where anything near 7:00 pace will probably win. Got to hang out a bit with GZ, Brandon, Aaron, Brownie and JV. I don't socialize much these days, I just hang out in my bunker counting ammo, but it's always good to see good people.

 And David continues to beat the world, his race report is far better. Out kicking a 1:05 half marathoner and Oly Trials guy with a 1:15 on trails! I took a drive with the boys (to get them to nap) and ended up driving the Scar Top 12k course trying to figure how to beat David on July 4th. So far I have a sniper, a trip wire, land mines, a tiger pit in the road, an actual tiger that I have trained to attack David and 12 secret short cuts which will shorten my race to just 5k... this should put me within a few seconds of him at least.


Dave said...

My Kryptonite is going uphill (along with being easily distracted by the smooth musical stylings of Kenny G).

Your Kryptonite is Kryptonite.

Advantage: the sombrero'd one.

Thanks so, so much for the amazingly kind words. Coming from you, it means a ton. Note: I refuse to consider the wholly possible scenario that CO now mandates all citizens to visit a dispensary twice a day, and that you read my post after a particularly fruitful trip to Nedicate.

Lucho said...

I suspect that hills are not a weakness for you, you just have to focus on them a tiny bit and you'll be rocking them like Kenny G rocks the permed mullet. Er... that was supposed to be a compliment.

Wassdoc said...

Thanks for the reminder to read Dave's race report, they are enjoyable to read. I'm thinking that several scantily clad co-eds might work better than the trip wires and snipers after reading his race report. Law school and all that training might make him susceptible to such distractions:)

GZ said...

There was about 50 feet of climb in that 5k.

Good seeing you this AM.

Brandon Fuller said...

I was disappointed in your outfit today. Coming off that recent win, I expected you to be confident and running in cowboy boots!

Aaron said...

Nice racing out there today. Your splits look like they were all over the place, but in reality your effort was pretty evenly paced. That wind was brutal the 2nd half. I wish I would have stuck with you the first mile. Not that I could have hung to the end, but that 2nd mile would have been a lot nicer with some help.

Aaron said...

Also, my wife got a bunch of good pics of you I put on my site.