Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Day 2

Woke up to several inches of new snow and lots of ice, it must have rained in the night and turned to snow. So my planned 7000 of upness on the bike turned to just 2600 of running. This still puts me at close to 9000ft in the last 24 hours and just over 73,000 vertical for March with 9 days to go. If the roads dry out then there's a chance for the baby jogger and another 1800 or so of climbing. I have 2 days this week planned for 10,000+ vertical so I should still get 42000 feet of climbing for the week if the weather holds.
 And I am praying desperately that it doesn't and would give anything for 20" of rain and then 5 feet of snow. The Indian Gulch (Golden) wildfire spread to 1200 acres yesterday and now the residents of Golden Gate Canyon are on evacuation alert. I can look out my window at Golden Gate State Park as it's only ~4 miles away. I've mitigated very diligently but am tempted to cut down a few of our 100 trees on our property just to give the house some 'breathing room' in case when we have a fire up here.

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P. said...

dude, it's really no big deal. you guys can come and stay with me if your place burns up. my futon totally folds down. ¡no te preocupes!

talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

my lunar racers got to the point where i had to hack'em up a little. the heel-to-toe drop was starting to get so severe i felt like i was wearing little ramps on my feet.

hope all is well, continue kicking the proverbial ass!