Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 - 11,240 ft of climbing

Mountain bike. 4:35/ 47 miles (10.2 mph) with 11,240ft of climbing. I explored a few jeep roads I've seen on satellite maps. A couple of gems I will be riding and running often.

Net downhill... easy course

3 day total


Rick said...

I remember reading once, from a guy who beat Lance Armstrong, "An 8,000' day is a Monster ride." I wonder what he calls a Monster and a Half ride?

Lucho said...

Wiens can ride that same vertical in 3:30 on a unicycle wearing a ball gag.
He doesn't post his splits or paces on his rides because all he uses is HR/vertical/time, no bike computer but I would love to see what the top guys ride in training.